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Dan Victor


Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (June 2014)

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Style: House, Progressive House, Trance, Electro House
File size: 128 MB
Tempo: 129 BPM
Duration: 56 minutes
Quality: 320 Kbps
Added on: 07 Jul. 2014
Uploader: Dan Victor

Hola a todos : )
The summer finally is here!!! The sun shining, the weather… the party months has just started in the motherland of house- Ibiza!
So I warmly welcome u into another episode of Bocadillo Radio Show with me Dan Victor!
Grab your party mood and have a cold refreshing drink… In reference to drinks, you don’t have to drink to got drunk, except if u don’t want to : ) Those kind of thing happened sometimes…
“Ohh sometimes I gotta good feelin’!”… Look familiar to u?
Well what I’ve prepared for u this time?
Welcome to the disco kitchen ladies and gentlemen!
Look up to the “Sky full of stars”(Coldplay) maybe u’ll find your “Karma” in of it, who knows:?Maybe the “Good love” is a matter of “iLL behavior” or this behavior is properly for “the Rebels” from “Matterhorn”: D If u’re goin to “New York” I recommend u to take the route# “Never ending highway”, in a matter of fact it’s the fastest way. Well…the “Nightventure” has just begun so enjoy the ride!
See ya next time : )
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Dan Victor - Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (June 2014)    

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