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Dan Victor


Bocadillo Radioshow with Dan Victor - (November 2014)

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Style: House, Progressive House, Electro House
File size: 109 MB
Tempo: 129 BPM
Duration: 59 minutes
Quality: 256 Kbps
Added on: 01 Dec. 2014
Uploader: Dan Victor

“House music…
Through time and space,
It lives,
It breaths,
It feeds our soul,
It sets…us free,
It takes us on a journey beyond our imagination,
We saw like spirits in the wind,
We dance,
We dream,
That the night will never end…
So children of the sun…
Let us dance and never stop,
For tonight we show the World…
What is sounds like…

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I've reached my limit of uploads here so i'll start to upload all my works at:
If some of the episodes are missing and u want to downloaded it, write a pm pls and i will provide u a download link.
Dan Victor - Bocadillo Radioshow with Dan Victor - (November 2014)    

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