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Dan Victor


Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (February 2015)

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Style: House, Progressive House, Trance, Electro House
File size: 138 MB
Tempo: 129 BPM
Duration: 59 minutes
Quality: 320 Kbps
Added on: 16 Mar. 2015
Uploader: Dan Victor

Once again it’s time for your monthly portion of Bocadillo Radio Show!:)
The story goes like this : One upon a time there was born a boy, who became a man called ilan Bluestone and he made a track called the “Tesseract” : ) It’s was very “Bad Rule” to move the Tesseract from its own ground, but he moved it in “Cairo”, cause there was no place he’d “Rather be”!
“Strong” “Generations” of magicians came & go! Many tellers have tried to “Lift” it up with “Tales of Tomorrow”, but the only thing they’ve reached was to become prisoners “Into the light” of this peace of rock! The only master of the Tesseract was ilan and when he put his “Arms around” it “Everything” “Come follow” the Sparks which will fly : )
End of story.
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Dan Victor - Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (February 2015)    

DJ апаратура под наем

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