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Dan Victor


Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (September 2014)

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Estilo: House, Progressive House, Trance, Electro House
Tamaño: 134 MB
Tempo: 129 BPM
Duración: 58 minutos
Calidad: 320 Kbps
Añadida el: 03 Oct. 2014
Subió: Dan Victor

Hi there…
How’s it goin’? “We are gonna rock this place! Are u guys ready?; - I can’t here u!? Are u ready?!!”
After this introduction u know what’s usually happen: ) One great intro, party up, a lot of electronic nrg, uplifting bangers … well let’s take a tiny break with some French house music, but not so much… u’re not here to hanging out…get back to the BIG Room sound with vocal or two, but not more the accent have to remain in the vibe, u have to feel the bass, the synth, the whole GOD damn thing with all of your being : ) Only then my fellows u won’t stop till u get enough! And might be more :D
“Are u guys ready?” : )

Bocadillo Radio Show
Dan Victor - Bocadillo Radioshow With Dan Victor - (September 2014)    

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